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Time to thrive, survive at work. Resources, tools and motivation to survive and thrive at work.


Everything You Need…


This site is an ever-increasing repository of tools, techniques, models and frameworks to help you survive and thrive at work.  The purpose of this page is to give you a quick and dirty overview of what’s on here, so you know what you can find and where you can find it.  I’m also going to share some other stuff that I’ve found invaluable in my survive at work journey 🙂


Stuff on this Site


Each blog adds a new tool, technique, model, framework, approach or thought to the site.  To make everything easier to find, each has been categorised.  You can sort blogs by category by using the drop-down menu under the resources tab (up top) or on the right-hand side of this page the blog page.

You can also find loads of valuable resources over on the Free Stuff page.  From time to time I change what I give away,  so make sure you check it out often to make sure you don’t miss out!


Other stuff I recommend checking out




The Shiny & New, Confident YouDo you lack confidence in the workplace?  And are you concerned that you’re not fulfilling your career potential because of it?  I’ve been there and I’m one of the few to get out the other side.

Check out my new book The Shiny & New, Confident You over on Amazon to find out what three changes you can make today to immediately improve your confidence in the workplace in a very real way.

To grab your copy or find out more: Click Here!




Expert Persuader

Michael Lee is a persuasion expert.  A NLP practitioner and life coach, Michael specializes in power persuasion and high-impact influencing techniques.  Michael has distilled his extensive expertise into a value-packed 20 day course, so that you can become an Expert Persuader too!  Learn how:

  • To get anyone to commit and actually fulfill their commitment. (Page 158)
  • To get anyone to give you much more than you asked for. (Page 164)
  • To change the minds of people who have already made up their minds. (Page 168)
  • To persuade someone using the “ego booster.” (Page 58)
  • To use challenges to motivate people. (Page 60)
  • To build rapport with an entire group or audience. (Page 69)
  • To end any rivalry and persuade people to unite and get along with each other. (Page 77)
  • To be an effective listener and solve communication problems. (Page 326)
  • To use your voice like a true master persuader. (Page 330)

This 20 day course (which is packed into a 400 page eBook) is an absolute must for anyone wanting to maximise their influence at work and enhance their persuasion techniques.  To learn more: Click Here!




The Action Solution training course is the most effective program out there if you want to fine tune your time management, focus in on the right goals, power up your actions and getAction Solution things done!

This advanced personal development and productivity system has been developed over the past two decades through extensive research, testing and mentorship.  You will master proven, repeatable techniques to change yourself and your life:

  • Stop procrastinating
  • Stop “waiting”
  • Achieve what matters to you

If you want to stop being a spectator in your own life – and instead, take control of where you want to go, and what you want to do – Click Here!


More Coming Soon!



Disclosure:  I value you guys and your readership, so I want to be upfront and honest with you 🙂  Some of the links to products and services above are affiliate links.  This means that I’ll receive a commission – at no cost to you – if you decide to purchase them.  But that’s not why I’m recommending them.  My recommendation is based on the fact that I’ve personally used these things and found them useful!   Therefore, I want to share them with you – not because of the small payment I might receive – but because I honestly believe they’ll offer you value as you walk your survive at work journey.


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