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Survive at Work when you’re Hungover

How to… Survive at Work when you’re Hungover

Ian knew his hangover had been spotted when Derek from Accounts arrived at his desk with a sombrero and hair of the dog.

I have to confess that when I was asked to cover this topic, my instinct was to perform a little side-step and flee for the hills.  After all, as professional things go, the combination of alcohol and work is a contentious area.  In a climate where it’s an employers market and competition is tight, turning up for work with a blatant hangover is akin to clotheslining Harry Styles in front of a group of frenzied teenagers.  You’re asking for trouble.

That said, I’m not a job-snob and I woke up this morning feeling rather bold.  So, let’s do this! read more

4 Ways to Build your Credibility

Your Pit Stop Guide to Professional Credibility

Professional Credibility

What exactly is Professional Credibility?

The Oxford dictionary defines credibility as:

The quality of being trusted and believed in.

The quality of being convincing or believable.

It also defines Professionalism as:

The competence or skill expected of a professional

Putting the two together, Professional Credibility is basically the feeling of trust and competence that you inspire in others.

Why Credibility is so important

Credibility is key to your workplace survival, success and progression.  Credibility is what draws people to work with you and managers to trust you with important tasks.  Credibility is what makes you the “go to” person and lands you with a good reputation.  And credibility is what robustly platforms so many other professional skills, such as influencing and persuasion. read more