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Problem Solving: The Basics

Problem Solving: The Basics

Problem Solving Basics

If you had to mark your problem-solving skills out of ten, what score would you give yourself?

Have a good old think about it… how good are you at solving those issues that leap across your path every once in a while?  Now think again… would you give yourself the same score across all scenarios?  Are you effective at solving problems whatever area of your life they appear in?  What about problems at home?  With your family?  Concerning money?  How about work?  Or with your boss? read more

Why Facts should be your New Best Work Friend

Facts: Your New, Best Work Friend

Working Together

I once knew a manager who couldn’t have a conversation without using the phrase “start with the facts” or “starting with the facts”.  As much as I wanted to poke him in the eye back then, he’d actually latched on to a very astute approach.  Let me explain…

We’ve all probably been there: something’s gone wrong and all of a sudden… arms are flailing as people scurry around like the sky is about to fall on their heads.  But the sky doesn’t fall and tomorrow, well it’s simply business as usual.  Or perhaps someone identifies an issue… it’s catastrophic and could mean the end of the world as we know it!  Except it doesn’t and, well, everything carries on as normal. read more