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How To Survive A Challenging Day

As weeks go, last week was a rather rubbish one.  Which wouldn’t be so bad… except that every single day contained its fair dollop of rubbish.
But don’t think this post is going to be a pity party… because it’s not!
I’ve actually learned a few valuable things, which I want to share with you in this post.
So if you’re having a bad day, hang on in there.
Hopefully, you’re about to feel better!

How To Survive A Challenging Day

1. Learn The Lesson And Apply It

In most things that happen – whether it’s good, bad or ugly – there’s a lesson to be learned.
My business coach Alex always bangs on about this.  And he should know.
He saw his business go from a ridiculously high (I’m talking tens of thousands of dollars) profit to absolute zero in the space of just one week.  Yes, you heard me… one week!
Now, Alex could have started his own pity party.  He could have started thinking he was useless, would never succeed and was doomed to nothingness.
But he didn’t.
He reflected on the differences between the two weeks.  He reached out to his customers to find out what was going on.  He looked at his data.
He sought out the lesson he needed to learn.
He learned it and then applied it.
And what happened?  The business regained momentum, he matched his peak profit levels again… and then crushed them.
I won’t even tell you what Alex’s profit is today, simply because many of you wouldn’t believe me.  But let me put it this way… his company just made it into the Inc. 5000.
And that’s because every time he hits a wall, an obstacle, a barrier, a disappointment (whatever you want to call it), he learns the lesson and applies it.
Last week might have been complete poo for me, but on reflection I’ve learned several very useful lessons which will serve me well from this week onward.
If you’re having a crap day, what lessons are there for you?
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Survive at Work, your one stop resource for work skills, work resources, work tools and work motivation. Hate work? Want promotion? Survive at work will help you thrive at work.

Happy Monday #49

Good morning & Happy Monday 🙂

This week is the week of the eclipse (at least in the Northern Hemisphere).  Come 09:27 on Friday, I shall be sat on a bench in my local country park, ready and waiting for the 87% partial eclipse.

I’m toying with the idea of buying special viewing glasses, but as I just mentioned to the infamous Mr Shaps, I might just fashion a viewing device out of an old cardboard box, Quality Street wrappers and a cookie cutter in the shape of a Christmas tree.  Innovative and swish! read more

Five Killer Hacks that give you the Advantage at Work

Five Killer Hacks that give you the Advantage at Work

Own Work with Killer Hacks

If you want to put yourself at an advantage in the workplace, then check out these fiver killer work hacks:

1. Mirroring

Rapport is a very powerful platform in any working relationship.  It’s critical for successful workplace interactions, creates a sense of “relating” to someone, and facilitates the building of understanding and trust.  In the working environment, people are far more likely to support or agree with someone they relate to and have rapport with.

You can accelerate a sense of rapport with someone in work by harnessing the power of mirroring.  Mirroring is simply adopting (or copying) another persons non-verbal behaviour (e.g. their posture, the way they move their hands or fold their legs) and speech (e.g. word choice, speech patterns, volume or tone). read more