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Survive a toxic boss, moody manager, aggressive leader. Hate work. Hate my job.

How to Survive a Toxic Boss

I’ve received a few inbox messages over on Facebook that meander into the topic of toxic bosses.  So it’s probably quite a good time to make a post on the subject.  I hope it helps!

So, what do you mean by Toxic Boss?

Obviously, this isn’t a post about asbestos-ridden or uranium-drenched managers.  So, what do we mean by toxic boss?
Toxic Leadership is probably more easily described than defined.  Corporate Management Analyst Gillian Flynn did quite a good job of it in 1994; describing a toxic manager as the: read more

Survive your Colleagues

How To… Survive your Colleagues

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There’s that old saying about being able to choose your friends but not your family.  That’s all well and good, but do you know what else you can’t choose?  Your colleagues.

Mostly that’s not a problem.  But sometimes… well, sometimes you’re left with the colleague from hell… which is far, far worse.  Not only do you get to spend your working days with them, but the blow isn’t softened by the compensatory benefits which come with having relatives from hell.  There’s no begrudging-yet-dutiful invitation to their wedding with the free bar, and there’s no outside chance that they’ll end up leaving you that lovely vase (kept in the family for years for sentimental reasons, but you actually suspect could be a Ming) in their Will when they die because your grandfather once bailed out their father’s business in the 70’s. read more