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Over the past few weeks I’ve been dipping in and out of the most awesome book, which I just have to share with you.
Seriously, if you want to achieve growth and success in any part of your life – including your career – then you need to check out this book.

Mindset: How you can Fulfil your Potential

Looking at the title, you might be thinking this is one of “those” pithy self-help books. But it’s not.  Far from it.
I’d actually go so far to say that, for some people, the content of this book could change their life.
Written by Professor Carol Dweck – a psychologist at Standford University – the theory in this book was developed and demonstrated over years of intensive research.
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Guest Writer, Mindfulness, Survive at Work

Not-So-Social Media

Today’s Guest Poster

Today we’re fortunate enough to have guest blogger Mark joining us!
Mark takes us on a journey into the realms of social media and its increasingly pervasive influence over our work lives and on our careers.

Not-so-social media

Social media faux pas have hit the headlines recently, and the stories act to remind us that as employees we are brand/company ambassadors for those that employ us.  Of equal importance is the notion that once you click to post that comment, photo or video, we lose control of what we are sharing with others, regardless of our privacy settings.  Additionally, we lose the context – and in so many instances, the context can be everything.  Whilst these examples relate to political issues, the people involved are still effectively employees. read more

Guest Writer, Mindfulness, Survive at Work

Survive Work with Mindfulness

Our Mindfulness Guest Writer

Today’s post comes with an additional bonus… a guest writer!  Jack (not his real name – he’s a shy old sort) is an ex-military officer and experienced Leader.  He’s also passionate about mindfulness and the benefits the approach has within the workplace.  That’s why I’m tremendously grateful that he’s sharing a key part of his Survive at Work toolkit with us today.

Without further ado, I hand you over to him…


Oh no!!! Not again! read more

Problem Solving: The Basics

Problem Solving: The Basics

Problem Solving Basics

If you had to mark your problem-solving skills out of ten, what score would you give yourself?

Have a good old think about it… how good are you at solving those issues that leap across your path every once in a while?  Now think again… would you give yourself the same score across all scenarios?  Are you effective at solving problems whatever area of your life they appear in?  What about problems at home?  With your family?  Concerning money?  How about work?  Or with your boss? read more

The Impact of Sleep

 The Impact of Sleep on Work

Sleeping Lion

I don’t know about you, but I have a very strange relationship with sleep.  First thing in the morning, sleep is my best friend and my bed… well, my bed is literally the most comfortable place in the entire world.  Fast-forward to the evening and sleep becomes elusive; morphing into my greatest nemesis.  Aided and abetted, of course, by a bed that has transmogrified into an uncomfortable heap of cold, lumpy nettles.

That’s just fine Liz, but what’s this got to do with work? read more