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How to Survive a Toxic Boss

I’ve received a few inbox messages over on Facebook that meander into the topic of toxic bosses.  So it’s probably quite a good time to make a post on the subject.  I hope it helps!

So, what do you mean by Toxic Boss?

Obviously, this isn’t a post about asbestos-ridden or uranium-drenched managers.  So, what do we mean by toxic boss?
Toxic Leadership is probably more easily described than defined.  Corporate Management Analyst Gillian Flynn did quite a good job of it in 1994; describing a toxic manager as the: read more

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Survive Work with Mindfulness

Our Mindfulness Guest Writer

Today’s post comes with an additional bonus… a guest writer!  Jack (not his real name – he’s a shy old sort) is an ex-military officer and experienced Leader.  He’s also passionate about mindfulness and the benefits the approach has within the workplace.  That’s why I’m tremendously grateful that he’s sharing a key part of his Survive at Work toolkit with us today.

Without further ado, I hand you over to him…


Oh no!!! Not again! read more

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Coping with Change at Work

Coping with Change at Work

Change can be a swine.  It can vex you, perplex you, stress you and distress you.  Happily, it doesn’t need to be like that.  With just a few small tweaks to your coping with change strategy, change can become a refreshing and energising opportunity… a source of drive, rather than dive-for-cover.

Being the amateur philosopher that I am (a title I earned after repeating a quote I read on the back of a Guinness beer mat), I’ve always thought of change as a tide.  Firstly, it’ll happen regardless of whether you want it to or not.  Secondly, you have a choice.  You either decide to go with it and learn how to swim, or you choose to risk drowning by using all your energy trying to resist the inevitable. read more