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Five Killer Hacks that give you the Advantage at Work

Five Killer Hacks that give you the Advantage at Work

Own Work with Killer Hacks

If you want to put yourself at an advantage in the workplace, then check out these fiver killer work hacks:

1. Mirroring

Rapport is a very powerful platform in any working relationship.  It’s critical for successful workplace interactions, creates a sense of “relating” to someone, and facilitates the building of understanding and trust.  In the working environment, people are far more likely to support or agree with someone they relate to and have rapport with.

You can accelerate a sense of rapport with someone in work by harnessing the power of mirroring.  Mirroring is simply adopting (or copying) another persons non-verbal behaviour (e.g. their posture, the way they move their hands or fold their legs) and speech (e.g. word choice, speech patterns, volume or tone). read more