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Happy Monday #2

Happy Monday #2

Well, it’s Monday once again!  It’s time for some smiles…

There’s something smile-inducing about happy animals, don’t you think?  How can you not feel happy when you see cute little faces like these:

Monday - Smiley Chimp
Source: Reddit

I want one!  I shall call him Gavin and dress him in a little sailor suit 🙂

Monday - Smiling Giraffe
Source: Imgur

So, today I invite you to check out The 30 Happiest Animals In The World That Will Make You Smile and start Monday smiling 🙂

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!


Does anyone actually like a Monday?  I mean, they’re not too bad when you’re on holidays, but when you have to go in to work… Yikes!

When you start surviving (and thriving) at work, Mondays aren’t at all bad.  Okay, most people would still prefer to stay at home wrapped underneath their duvet or sipping a hot black coffee out in the garden sunshine, but that’s human!  The point is, when you start surviving you stop dreading Mondays.  That anxiety and dread bubbling in the pit of your stomach disappears; and that, in itself, is worth it’s weight in gold. read more