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Happy Monday

Happy Monday!


Does anyone actually like a Monday?  I mean, they’re not too bad when you’re on holidays, but when you have to go in to work… Yikes!


When you start surviving (and thriving) at work, Mondays aren’t at all bad.  Okay, most people would still prefer to stay at home wrapped underneath their duvet or sipping a hot black coffee out in the garden sunshine, but that’s human!  The point is, when you start surviving you stop dreading Mondays.  That anxiety and dread bubbling in the pit of your stomach disappears; and that, in itself, is worth it’s weight in gold.


That’s why I want us to celebrate  Mondays each week with a weekly Happy Monday post.


HappyFor those of you early on, or about to commence your Survive at Work journey, these will hopefully help get you through those dreaded Mondays!


For those of you who are already well into your journey, I hope you’ll join in the fun too – and help motivate & sustain those who are still struggling.


Happy Monday #1

This song makes me feel so happy every time I hear it.  Plus it has Minions… who doesn’t absolutely love minions?  They make me smile like an idiot each and every time I see them.
Enjoy… and Happy Monday 🙂

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