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Happy Monday #12

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday


Who’d have thought it?  Not only is it Monday, but we’re almost half way through 2014 already!  Only 6 months from now and we’ll all be celebrating the new year.  Hope you’ve all started saving for Christmas…


Anyway, this is meant to be Happy Monday, not Happy hunt-Liz-down-and-beat-her-for-mentioning-Christmas-in-June day.


This week, for your delectation, I have a link to a list of laughterific Family Fortune answers.  Not just any Family Fortune answers though:


Question: A well known superstition

Answer: “Running in front of a car..”


Or, how about:


Question: A bird with a long neck

Answer: “Naomi Campbell”


Trust me, check them out.  For every ten that make you groan, there’ll be one that makes you laugh out loud with one of those belly-aching, air-stealing guffaws: Funny Family Fortune Answers


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