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Happy Monday #13

Happy Monday #13


Happy Monday


Welcome back to Happy Monday!


If you’ve read my About section, you’ll know I’m from Wales in the UK.  This week I thought I’d treat you to a sample of our Welsh humour… and see what you think of it 🙂


Last week a video posted on Facebook went viral.  Well, as viral as it can get in Wales; with its population of just over 3 million people.  The video magically captures the sort of childish, spontaneous and understated comedy that most of us Welshies love.


Grab a coffee and have a quick watch – it’s the first video on this page.  Let me know what you think… personally I’m still giggling at the thought of it.


Have a great Monday!


p.s. Let me know if you need an interpretation of what the chap says. Our accents aren’t always the most decipherable 😉


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