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Happy Monday #22


Before we start…


Before I get into Happy Monday, I wanted to say I’m sorry!


As you’ll have noticed, there’s been little activity on here over the past few weeks, other than the regular Happy Monday posts.  You’d be in your rights to think I’ve forgotten all about you… but I promise, I haven’t!  The truth is that I’ve been a busy little bee working on a new and super exciting project.  Survive at Work definitely hasn’t slipped my mind, but I have had to give this other project more of my attention for a little while.


You might be wondering this new project is.  Well actually, you might not be that bothered.  But I’ll ignore that for now and pretend you’re all supremely interested, otherwise this post will go on forever 😉


Well, the exciting project is a new business… which launches today!


The Excellent You has been developed as the other side of, supporting the survive and thrive journey from within a company.


From today, I and a team of highly-skilled (don’t tell them I called them that – they’ll want more money!) associates will be working with employers and their people to understand what the pathway to excellence looks like for them. We’ll then equip them with the practical tools (and knowledge about using them effectively), skills and motivation they need to achieve that excellence. My goal with The Excellent You is to ensure the people we work with are equipped and supported to fulfill their true potential and be truly excellent at work.


Of course I’ll snag some of the excellent learning material I’ve been working on and publish it over here, so you guys can benefit too 🙂


Anyway, shut up Liz and get back to Happy Monday!


Happy Monday


Today I want to share a wonderful TED Talk by Dan Ariely, a professor of Psychology and behavioral economics.


In his talk “What makes us feel good about our work”, Dan explains why workplace happiness is more than motivation and payment… it’s also about meaning, creation, challenges, ownership, identity and pride:



And if you can’t watch the video, here’s the Transcript.

Have an awesome work week! Remember, this week belongs to you… so make it happen!

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