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Happy Monday #24

Good morning 🙂
I wish I could say I leapt out of bed like a sprightly little chipmunk this morning.  Alas, the truth is that it took 3 alarm calls followed by the pressing of 2 snooze buttons before I entered the land of the living.  But now I’ve got my IV of strong black coffee (think canal water) installed, I’m now quite alert (think hyperactive meerkat on Red Bull) and raring to go.
Not too long ago though, I wasn’t just lethargic on a Monday morning, I used to absolutely dread it.  A familiar feeling of dread used to start in the pit of my stomach on a Sunday afternoon (and sometimes as early as a Saturday night).  I can’t tell you how many times I felt like I was back in my childhood… and going back to school after the summer holidays.
On the really bad occasions, I even considered flinging myself off the bottom step of the stairs to break my arm and negotiate a little (if painful) time off.  But then it dawned on me that my boss probably wouldn’t appreciate a note from my mother saying I couldn’t do PE or go to work for 6 weeks.
Anyway, if you woke up this morning with your stomach in turmoil and feelings of absolute torment of going back into work after a splendid weekend, then hopefully Happy Monday will help.  Even if it’s just a little.

Happy Monday!

This week, I present to you one of the most genius collection of Facebook statuses & comments ever… those of grandparents!
How about this one for size?

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Pop over to Buzzfeed to check out the complete collection… and heartily chuckle yourself into a new week.

Make it a great one 🙂

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