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Happy Monday #27


It’s that time of week again.  Good morning Monday & good morning readers!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  As it was cold, wet & windy (the default weather for Wales), I spent most of my time cwtched up under a blanket reading my Kindle.
For those of you who’re wondering what the heck I’m on about, “cwtch” is a word the Welsh use instead of “cuddle”.  Actually, we also tend to use it for the cupboard under the stairs (“it’s in the cwtch”), the small lounge in a pub (much like a snug – “I’ll meet you for a pint in the cwtch”) and for the dog’s bed (“Dai, get a cwtch”).
I suppose that makes sound an odd lot 🙂
And it’s with us Welshies that I present to you this week’s Happy Monday…


Happy Monday #27


You might not know, but one of the Welsh words for a microwave is popty ping!  How cool is that.  Talk about does what it says on the tin!


So here we have it, a fantastic article about 24 Welsh words and phrases that are just as good as popty ping.  Pop over and take a look, you won’t be disappointed.


As the article would put it, man a man a mwnci!


Have a great week!  You’re awesome 🙂


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