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Happy Monday #28


Good morning, good morning.


I hope you all had an awesome weekend & are raring to go ūüôā Bring on the coffee, that’s what I say!


Okay, so I spent a ridiculous amount of time last week¬†battling emails. ¬†I don’t know whether it’s the same for you, but I can see how easy it would be¬†to get so distracted by managing emails that you don’t actually get any work done.


So, it’s with emails in mind that I’m writing this week’s Happy Monday. ¬†Enjoy!


Happy Monday #28


Ever pressed “send” and then been filled with the fear and read?


I’ve been there a good few times… desperately trying to recall an email and delete all unread copies! ¬†Ah, not so fond memories!


This week, I thought I’d share some emails that other people wish they hadn’t sent. ¬†Emails that¬†ended up going to more than just the intended recipient… and causing chaos in its wake.


So grab that Double mocha-choca-latte-chino with extra whipped cream, sit back & enjoy: Five Greatest Viral Emails of All Time.


Happy Monday! ¬†Make it an awesome week ūüôā


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