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Happy Monday #72

Woohoo, Monday’s here!


Over here in the UK, it’s a Bank Holiday… which inevitably means rain!  Never mind, it’s an extra day off work.  Happy days!


Let’s jump straight into it shall we?


After all, it’s Happy Monday 🙂


Happy Monday #72


Happy Monday to all you good Survive at Workers!  I hope you’ve had a rip roaring weekend and are revving your engines ready for an awesome new week.


This week will be particularly relevant for those of you looking for a new job or just about to undertake an interview:


10 Funny Work-Related Interviews To Ease Your Interview Nerves


If you think your job interview is going to go poorly, you don’t even want to imagine the one these guys had. In this funny work video by LG to promote their new TV, see what happens when unsuspecting job candidates are tricked into believing they’re about to experience a nuclear holocaust.


So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and be glad it’s not you!


Happy Monday!  Make it an awesome one 🙂



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