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Start Here with Survive at Work


Hi!  I’m Liz, the creator of  If you’re new to the concept of Surviving at Work, then this “start here” page was made especially for you 🙂


So, how can this site help me?


If you’ve already taken a look at the About page, you’ll have seen the circumstances which led to me starting this site.  My own journey has helped me appreciate the value of developing a solid and inclusive work-placed “toolkit” when it comes to surviving and thriving in the workplace.


If you’re finding work challenging right now, or if you’re frustrated that your career isn’t progressing at the pace you’d like, then it’s time to take a step back and consider whether you would benefit from refreshing or re-stocking your “toolkit”.


Most of us enter the workplace with a toolkit that we’ve developed along the way in our personal lives (e.g. personal problem-solving) or as part of a previous employment (e.g. generic training).  Sometimes this is supplemented by an employer when we’re trained for our new role (e.g. specific role-based training).  Aside from that, we’re left to figure out the rest on our own.  But, we’re human… perhaps we naturally do well in some situations, but not so well in others.   Sometimes, we don’t even know which sort of situation it’s going to be until we’re in it and we’re finding out along with everyone else whether we’re doing well or not.


This sort of reactive approach can be exhaustive.  And those situations where we didn’t do so well can absolutely hammer our confidence.


But it needn’t be like that.   You can proactively put yourself back in the driving seat and take control by understanding – and acting upon – the value of packing your “toolbox” with:


  • Enhanced understanding and skills, which put you at an advantage (or at least one step ahead).
  • Models which give you an opportunity to re-frame situations or processes (and look at it from a fresh perspective).
  • Tools which you can add to your own personal survival kit of work-based resources and employ across multiple scenarios.
  • Stuff that keeps you motivated and happy.


It doesn’t matter where you work – whether it be in the service industry, an office, the financial sector or on a building site – you need an effective toolbox if you’re going to survive and thrive.


And that’s the aim of this site… to help you load that toolbox of yours with effective resources, which you can feel confident using.  I want to help you feel equipped and confident along your survive at work journey… destination: thriving at work!


So, this is “start here”… what next?


It’s simple… start adding to your toolbox straight away!


  1. Have a good think about what your immediate concerns are and focus your first efforts there.
  2. Research – Dig out the relevant tools, models or approaches that can help you and learn more about them.
  3. Focus in on one or two in particular that you’ll think will make the biggest positive difference.
  4. Then put it/them into practice.
  5. Rinse and repeat until they become second nature.


Have a look around this site for information that will help you – it’s an ever-increasing repository of information:


Blog – I post a few times a week, adding a tool of value or model to help you look at a situation in a different way.  You can use the category drop-down menu underneath the resources menu, or on the right-hand side of this page, to find the category of information you’re looking for.  You can also use the tags to link to entries on a more defined topic.


Resources – This is the main page for recommended resources (both paid & free) which I think might be both helpful and valuable for you on your Survive at Work journey.


Free Stuff – Does what it says on the tin!  Keep an eye out because I’ll update with new stuff whenever I can.


Most importantly, if you can’t find what you need on this site, drop me a comment below and I’ll do my best to help 🙂


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