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5 Awesome “Must Have” Apps to Survive at Work


Good afternoon!  How’s your week going?  Are you having the time of your life… or hanging on for dear life, waiting for Friday to arrive?


I’ve just returned home from a morning where I got to sing “I’m a Believer” with the Welsh legend that is Nev and listen to the awesome motivation and inspiration that is Brad Burton.  All in all, a blinkin’ good Thursday 🙂


Earlier today, as everyone else reached for their notebook & pen, it dawned on me that I was one of the few grabbing my phone to take notes.   By the time I was driving home, I was mentally listing the wealth of offline items and functions that my iPhone has replaced… some very successfully (and some not so much).


So, being the kind and generous individual that I am (some might call me a genius philanthropist, but I’m too modest to tell you that), I thought I’d share with you the 5 apps for work that I couldn’t live without.  The 5 “must have” apps that have made my work life all that much easier; and now could do the same for you.


Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you…


5 Awesome “Must Have” Apps to Survive at Work


1. Concur


I absolutely hate pulling together all the paperwork to do my accounts.  I can’t stand it.  It’s therefore probably of little surprise that I’m possibly the least organised person known to man.  If you’ve currently got images in your head of me surrounded by shoe boxes, all ram-packed with receipts… you’d be wrong.  For me, that would constitute being organised.  I’m fortunate if my receipts are within a 1 mile radius of each other at any one time, let alone in the same bloody shoe box.


And that is why Concur is so completely spectacular.


When you’re on the go, you can:


  • Capture your expenses in real time,
  • Take pictures of supporting receipts (and then ping them back to the office for authorisation by the time you arrive back).
  • Book transport, or even simply
  • Keep track of what you’ve spent on what and when.


It’s a serious lifesaver.  Check it out here.


2. Evernote


Ever since I checked this app out on recommendation by Pat Flynn, I’ve used this app for everything.


I used to hate using the integral notes app on iOS – which is like using the Apple version of a kid’s chalkboard.  Thankfully, Evernote is a massive step up… flying past the constraints of “notes app” into serious organiser territory:


  • Format your text
  • Sort notes into folders
  • Add attachments, photos & voice notes
  • Take pictures of business cards
  • Create virtual post it notes, to do lists & reminders.


It also nicely syncs content across all devices, which is pretty handy if you work on a laptop and various mobiles.


Even if you don’t it for business, this app would easily support any personal projects or tasks you have planned/underway.


Check out more about Evernote here.


3. TED


Who doesn’t love TED?  I mean, it’s TED!   And TED on the go?  Well… that’s just transportable awesomeness!

Find it here.


4. MindTools


MindTools is an absolute pocket rocket of an app.  I love it so much that I’ve had it on my phone since 1942… or since they brought it out.  Whichever came first 😉


If you want to understand more about various business tools, as well as a variety of workplace skills and approaches, then this is the app you need.  Want to learn more about problem-solving tools?  MindTools can help.  Want to figure out how best to approach that big decision you’re about to make?  MindTools has it covered.


Seriously, if there’s only one app you look up on this list, then this is the one.  Check it out here.


5. PresenterPro


All jobs need you to speak to people, unless of course you’re a mime artist.


Oooh, oooh… time out, time out.  Everyone pretend to be a mime artist!  It just took me five minutes to write this sentence because I was walking down pretend stairs (badly), trying to find a pretend door and then picking up a pretend box.  Seriously, give it a go – it’s fun!


Anyway, back to it.


Even if it’s not a customer you have to speak to, it’ll be a colleague.  And even if it’s not a mahoooosive presentation, you’ll still need to instill confidence in people with what you’re saying, influence, and communicate effectively & with impact.


PresenterPro has got that all covered.  Definitely worth checking out – watch a video overview here.


That’s it from me – short & sweet, but hopefully of infinite value. Check out the apps and start working smarter, not harder.


Have a great Thursday and remember… hang on in there, Friday’s just around the corner 🙂


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