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Happy Monday #26


Can you believe it’s Happy Monday #26?!


That’s six whole months of Happy Monday’s and of course, this site… woohoo!  Happy half birthday to Survive at Work!


It’s also the first Monday of October, which means there’s only 11 Monday’s left to Christmas day.  Eeeeek!  But in all seriousness, with 3 months left to the year, there’s no better time to reflect on all your achievements so far in 2014.


And if they don’t look as great as you’d like, you’ve still got a whole quarter of a year to do something awesome!  At least, that what I keep telling myself anyway… 😉


Anyway, over to Happy Monday…


Happy Monday #26


Today I’d like to share with you a heart-wrenching & inspirational story.  Someone made a split-second decision and that decision changed another person’s entire life.


I’m not going to spoil it by sharing any more, but it’s definitely worth taking the time to check it out: The Chive.


How awesome is that?  Any one of us – at any point in our lives – could make a positive difference to someone else’s life.  A humbling and powerful thought!


Go forth this week in the knowledge that you are that powerful!  Awesome!


Just before I go, an offer…


I’m looking for guest bloggers for Survive at Work!


So, if you’ve got a funny work story, piece of job advice or anything else work-related to share, then please either leave me a comment below or message me over at the Survive at Work Facebook page.


I can’t offer you gold & yachts, but I can offer you full recognition, a readership of awesome people and a virtual cwtch from me!


So go on, pluck up the courage & release that writing beast 🙂


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