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59 Seconds

I hadn’t intended to write a post recommending a book.  But then I stumbled upon 59 seconds: Think a little, Change a Lot by Richard Wiseman (you can check it out here) and just had to share it.  Plus, I got the book for free… something I also had to share 🙂


Check out later in the post how you can also get free books.


59 Seconds


Hands up… I’m not one for all these self-improvement books.  This might surprise you, as I wrote a book called The Shiny & New, Confident You, which you’re probably thinking is just that.



However, if you’ve read my book, hopefully you found it less self-improvement and more practical-improvement… something which 59 Seconds does exceptionally well.


59 Seconds is practical and substantiated guide to self-improvement, written by a fantastically quirky and knowledgeable Psychologist.  It’s also one of those fabulous “pick up, put down, pick back up” sort of books, which I’m loving at the moment due to my rapidly decreasing attention span.  Ooh look, something shiny…


In this book, Wiseman busts a whole host of self-improvement myths and replaces them with practical and scientifically substantiated techniques.  For example, take visualisation:


Researchers have speculated that those who fantasize about how wonderful life could be are ill prepared for the setbacks that frequently occur along the rocky road to success, or maybe they enjoy indulging in escapism and so become reluctant to put in the effort required to achieve their goal.


Wiseman goes on to demonstrate how visualising a goal is unlikely to result in you achieving it; while visualising the practical steps needed to achieve the goal is far more likely to succeed.


You can grab a copy of 59 seconds here:


Learn More


Here’s Richard’s YouTube Channel so you can check out some more bite-sized advice: In59Seconds


Books For Free!


Healthy Planet is a social enterprise which encourages the recycling and redistribution of books.  The premise is simple – visit the shop and select up to three books, which you can take with you for free.  What’s not to like!

Being the book addict that I am (I think that’s the term for someone who has stacks of books piled up in every room in their house!), I’ve become a regular visitor to my local store.  Not only are the staff welcoming and friendly, but the range of books is superb!  In addition to the book above, I’ve managed to stumble upon a treasure trove of business and skill development books.
So if you’re someone who loves to read books that help you grow (or even if you just want to grab a celebrity autobiography), then definitely check out these bookshops.  Visit their website to find a Healthy Planet bookshop near you.

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