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Happy Monday #11

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday


I’m probably going to get us all into trouble by showing you this.  But I can’t help it; it’s just too awesome to keep to myself.


Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to… *trumpets*… the Stationery Crossbow!  Fashioned out of pencils, elastic bands, a Bic biro, some sellotape and a bulldog clip, you too can be the envy of your workplace this week.


Stalk your prey from behind the office Ficus, reinvigorate boring meetings and keep your colleagues on their toes.  The options are as endless as they are exciting!


Have a fantastic and funday Monday: Link to Awesomeness.


Disclaimer: takes no responsibility for any injury or damages – physical, material or psychological – as a result of using this awesome crossbow.  This includes, but is not limited to: dismissal, accusations of company property theft, decapitation, elastic band burns or harpooned eyes 😉 


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