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Without Chains & Without Limits

Without Chains & Without Limits




The Elephant and the Chain


I once read a story about how circuses train elephants.  As you’d expect, it begins when the elephants are very small.  A metal cuff, connected to a chain, is placed around their ankle and shackles them to a pole in the ground.


Naturally, the little elephant tries to wander off.  But the chain dictates his boundary.  He spends days, weeks and months trying to venture elsewhere; but each time, the chain prevents him from doing so.


Eventually, the little elephant stops trying.


By the time the elephant is fully grown, the metal cuff has been replaced several times and is now rather large.  However, the chain hasn’t changed.  Neither has the pole in the ground.  They remain the same.


The elephant is now large and strong enough to break the chain in two and rip the pole from the ground if he so wished.  But he never does.  He learnt a long time ago that it wasn’t even worth trying.


You and I


We can be a lot like those elephants… we have boundaries and barriers dictated by the various “chains” that we’ve managed to wrap ourselves in over the years.


But these restraints – like the chains tethering the fully-grown elephant – don’t exist beyond our own minds!


They only limit us because we allow them to.  They limit us because we’ve mentally assigned to them the power to restrain us… and dictate the boundaries of our capability.


Be a Happy Elephant

Happy Elephant
Source: Treehugger


What chains are tethering you right now?


Whatever they are… concerns about whether you’re any good at your job, good enough for a promotion, feelings of inadequacy or lack of confidence… they don’t need to limit you any more!


You are the fully-grown elephant and you can break those chains.


From today, you define your boundaries and you can venture as far as you want to.


You have more power than you could ever imagine!


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