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Happy Monday #30


It’s Monday!!!  Good morning… and happy first Monday in November 🙂


Before I present this week’s Happy Monday, I wanted to share a quick note about the site.  You may have noticed (or not) that the home page no longer includes Happy Monday posts.  Instead, they now have a nice little Happy Monday space of their own… if you have a quick peek to the top menu, you’ll notice a entry of its own on the top menu (next to “Blog”).


In addition to making it easier for you to view all Happy Mondays in the same place, this also frees up the homepage for our other posts – meaning you don’t have to wade through a barrage of chirpy Monday offerings to find that post you think you might have saw once on overcoming procrastination.


Actually, don’t go looking for that post… I haven’t got around to writing it yet 😉


Happy Monday #30!

A few of my friend’s are back in work this morning after a week or two’s leave.  As you can imagine, they’re not particularly looking forward to it.
So this is for them… and anyone else who’s not yet excited that today’s a brand new week 🙂
I give to you – getting motivated in 60 seconds:


Happy Monday all! Make it an awesome week… you deserve it!


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