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Happy Monday #34


Happy Monday, good people of t’interweb!


This week I have the most immensely inspiring story to share with you.  You might have already read it in the news.


If so, sit back and re-enjoy it all over again ūüôā ¬†If not, then boy are you in for a treat (get your hankies out ready!).


The moral of this week’s Happy Monday is the awesome power of giving:


Happy Monday #34


Xiong Shuihua grew up in a poor Chinese village, comprised of wooden shacks and mud tracks. ¬†Times were tough, but neighbours helped neighbours. ¬†Xiong’s family were helped and supported; something which Xiong never forgot.


Many years later and¬†Xiong Shuihua was a 54 year old multi-millionaire. ¬†He’d made his money in oil and resolved to return to his village… to bulldoze it down.


However, this wasn’t the tale of a big-headed tyrant intent on demonstrating his new found wealth and power.


In the place of wooden huts and mud tracks, he built a new village – a village of luxury flats and villas, which he gave to the residents for free. ¬†Added to which, he ensured that the oldest and poorest residents were given three meals a day… again for free.


Xiong used what he had to give back to his community and those who had helped his family.


You can read more about this amazing man who gave back to his community here:


Millionaire Chinese businessman bulldozes run down huts in village where he grew up and builds luxury flats for residents instead… for free


I earned more money than I knew what to do with, and I didn’t want to forget my roots.
I always pay my debts, and wanted to make sure the people who helped me when I was younger and my family were paid back.


You and I might not be millionaires (or perhaps you are), but we’re still in the immensely privileged position of being able to give. ¬†Whether it’s our time, our expertise, our patience, etc.


So this week, my challenge to myself – and you – is what can you give this week to make a difference¬†to someone’s life at work? ¬†


Perhaps¬†it’s spending time to help someone out with something they’re struggling with, giving that extra to a customer or giving your boss a helping hand.


Whatever it is, go forth and make a difference. ¬†You and your impact are more powerful than you could ever imagine ūüėČ


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