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Happy Monday #46


Good morning!
I hope you all had an excellent weekend and are raring to go forth and be awesome this week.
I won’t bore you today with tales of my weekend, but suffice to say me and the dog went walking again.  This time I took a photograph for you.  It’s a tad dark, but I hope you like it:
Gnoll, Neath - Survive at Work


Happy Monday #46

This week I’m sharing an awesome video by one of America’s most affluent businessmen, Art Williams.


  • If you’re lacking motivation this morning, you need to listen to this speech.


  • If you aren’t happy with what you’re going to be doing for a living this week, you need to listen to this speech.


  • If you need to change your approach or strengthen your focus, you need to listen to this speech.


(I think we can all agree that I think everyone needs to listen to this speech 😉 )

This week, don’t bask in “almost”.  Be a winner… and just do it.

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