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Happy Monday #45


Hello and Happy Monday to you all!


I hope that all of you who were celebrating had a wonderful valentine’s weekend.


So, are you all raring to go today?  I’m on my 4th cup of strong black Carte Noire, so I think it’s safe to say that I am 😉


This time last year, I’d be dreading a Monday morning.  I’d stay up as late as I could on a Sunday, just to eke out the weekend.  But now I absolutely love a Monday – every week it’s my fresh new start and an opportunity to own all those challenges out there 😀


Happy Monday


This week for your Happy Monday delectation, I present to you Evil Cat.  And boy, is evil cat evil.  Even his owner has titled the video “gato malo” which means bad cat:



Did you see the contempt in those eyes as he swiped the glass of the table?  I don’t know about you, but if he was mine I’d be hiding my knives and putting a lock on my bedroom door.


Anyway, Happy Monday to you all!


Have an awesome day and go out & own the week.  If you don’t… bad cat will come to get you 😉

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