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Happy Monday from Survive at Work. Make a Difference

Happy Monday #65

Good morning!


I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are raring to start a brand new week!  After a hectic 5 days last week, I elected to indulge in a chilled out weekend… which, apart from the occasional interruption by a demanding Mr Rocky, was complete bliss.


If you’re wondering why last week was so hectic (or even if you’re not), I’ll shortly be publishing a post that explains everything.


Keep your eyes peeled!


Happy Monday #65


Happy, Happy Monday!


This week I have a wonderfully warm and smile-inducing video to share with you.


Considering how self-conscious and critical the world seems to have become of late, it’s absolutely wonderful to witness a marked lack of inhibition coupled with such enjoyment!


So sit back and enjoy the freedom, happiness and fantastic dancing by this awesome chap!




Happy Monday!


Have an awesome week and remember… we all need to be a little more like this child!


Forget the glares from the people watching, just enjoy yourself and live life to smile 🙂

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