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Public Speaking Panic?

Last week, as some of you might know, I launched three products.  One of which was Public Speaking Powerhouse… an exclusive training series where a secret insider exposes the powerful strategies used by professional speakers to completely rock their public speaking.


Many people dissolve into a complete panic – like salt-sprinkled slugs – at the mere thought of speaking in public.  I actually read the other day that more people fear speaking in public than they do death!


That’s some mind blowing stuff right there!


The reality is though, if you’re someone who dodges those presentations and meeting room deliveries, you’re missing one of the prime opportunities for boosting your visibility, fortifying your credibility, and sky-rocketing your career.


Yes… confident and influential communication (even if it’s in a meeting room, rather than in an auditorium) is that key to thriving at work.


So today – as a thank you to you all for being avid Survive at Work readers – I want to share some valuable Public Speaking hints and tips… all of which are red hot from the Public Speaking Powerhouse interviews 🙂


The following three excerpts are just a few of the many strategies and tactics shared in Module 1: The Anxiety Terminator:


Top 3 Tips For Tackling Public Speaking Panic


1. Get Practice!


The problem people have with confidence – I think – relates back to the fact that they haven’t done it much.  And so therefore they’re not used to it.   I think if most people stuck at it and had to do some sort of public speaking over a period of time, a lot of those nerves would disappear.  I think that at the heart of it, it is about experience.


2. Quieten Yourself


The other thing I think is to quieten yourself.  Before you’re going out, if you really do have a problem with nerves, you have to find a place where you can quieten yourself down, where you can sit on your own, maybe go for a walk or sit in a room on your own, go through what you’re going to say and just take your time over it.  And just go over your information and pretend the audience are in front of you.  Pretend you’re saying it and you lose some of that fear.  The worst thing you can do if you have nerves is say a speech for the first time when you’re actually giving it.


3. Position Your Body


So a good stance and a good posture.  If you are hunched down, your projection is all wrong.  You won’t project outwards.  Your diaphragm and lungs won’t be able to operate in the right way, to the highest degree of efficiency, and so your voice will be stunted.  Which of course, affects how others perceive you, but also affects how you perceive yourself.  So a good stance is good… an upward looking approach from your face.  Looking out, looking upwards.  Again, it has a confidence element, but it also has a physical, verbal element, how it affects your voice.  And the two are like a spiral.  The more confident your posture is, the better you’ll project.  The better you’ll project, the more confident you’ll feel.  It’s about creating that upward spiral.


Public Speaking Powerhouse


Public Speaking Powerhouse is a four module interview training series, where we cover the following:


1. Anxiety and nerves – The Anxiety Terminator

2. Confidence – The Quick Confidence Booster

3. Influence, Impact and Power – The Instant Authority

4. Start speaking quickly – The Money in the Bag Formula


Interviews are available in audio (MP3) and transcribed (PDF) formats, and are available to be used online, or downloaded for personal use.


If you’d like to check it out, you can do so here: Public Speaking Powerhouse


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