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Happy Monday #78

Good morrow to you, Survive at Workers!  And a very Happy Monday 🙂


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Rocky and I enjoyed a most wonderful Autumnal woodland walk, which involved him being called a “cat” by a toddler (bless!) and being attacked by a rather large goose.  As you can imagine, he’s still in recovery.


I hope you also got to do stuff you like with people you love 🙂


Happy Monday #78


Happy Monday!


This week I have a rather chucklesome read for you: Embarrassing Work Stories.


I got an email from a client with an attachment in the wrong format. I was having a hard day and was pretty annoyed, so I forwarded it to my colleague with a rather stroppy message. It said how I was fed up with crap like this and could she please sort it out. Shortly afterwards I received a reply from the client, apologising profusely for sending me the wrong format and attaching the correct one. These days I don’t mix up the ‘reply’ and ‘forward’ buttons.


Hee!  Or how about:


I once got ratted at a work do and vomited in my boss’s lap.


Eeek!  I actually have an embarrassing story of my own involving me, my boss’ boss’ boss’ boss and a toilet which had recently been changed from all female to all male… Happily all ended amicably, although I remained a little red-faced for a few weeks afterward.


What are your embarrassing stories?  Go on… you know you wanna tell us!


p.s. Happy Back to the Future day on Wednesday 🙂

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